Tone Connoisseur & Gear Freak

I truly love and enjoy working with new artists. From a full-length studio project to a live recording to anywhere in-between, I want to help you capture your distinct sound. That’s why I am on a constant search to find whichever piece of gear I need in order to give your sound the mojo that it needs. It’s not even funny how picky I am about audio fidelity (my wife can testify to the endless hours I spend on tone research!). Since guitar is my primary instrument, I’ve spent years searching for “the Sound.” And although ultimately, it all starts with the musician, each step in the signal chain plays an integral role in capturing the sound. I simply cannot handle bad tone … and I have an arsenal of gear to make sure that bad tone is never an issue. We might be recording something that’s super swampy and dirty, but I’m gonna make sure it gets captured by the best signal chain possible.



-Dangerous D-Box
-MANLEY 16×2 Mic/Line summing mixer


-Neve Portico
-Mercury M72
-16 Ch Manley Pre’s


-Retro 2A3 2ch (Pultec)
-Harrison 32 EQ 2ch
-A Designs Hammer 2ch
-Inward Connections Impulse (Pultec)
-API 560 2ch


-Retro 176
-API 525 pair
-Tube Tech LCA-2B
-Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph
-UA 1176LN


-AKG 414 Pair
-AKG C1000
-Audio Technica 4047 Pair –
BeesNeez Arabella Producer Series
-Beyerdynamic Opus 87 Pair
-Cascade Fat Head Pair with Cloud Lifter
-Heil PR40
-Rode NT5 Pair
-Rode NT1 Sure
-Beta 52 Sure
-Sm57 Pair


-Analogman King of Tone
-Analogman Sunface Fuzz NKT-275
-JHS Klon
-JHS Bun Runner
-JHS Prestige
-Bob Burt Boost
-CMAT Mods Compressor
-CMAT Mods Buddah
-CMAT Mods Brownie
-Keeley Moded Sparkle Drive
-Keeley Crybaby
-Fulltone OCD
-Fulltone Supa Trem
-Fulltone Distortion Pro
-Fulltone RTO
-Fulltone Dejavibe mini
-Paul Cochrane Timmy
-Zen Drive
-Digitec Whammy
-Line 6 DL-4 (T1M Modded)
-TC Electronics Nova Delay (T1M Modded)
-TC Electronics Hall of Fame
-Eventide Space
-Strymon Time Line
-Ibanez AD9 (Vintage)
-Maxon D&S
-Barber LTD (first run)
-Barber Tone Press
-Hilton Volume Pedal
-Ernieball Volume Pedal Jr x 4
-Ernieball Volume Pedal
-Musicom Labs EFX III Switcher
-Boss Noise Suppressor
-Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 x 2
-Voodoo Labs Digital Power –
-Korg Kaoss Pad 2
-Trailer Trash Board

Software/Plugins/Virtual Instruments

-Protools 9 HD
-Waves SSL
-Waves Platinum
-Waves NPP
-Massey Plugins –
Auto Tune 7
-Melodyne Essential
-Drummagog 5 Platinum
-BFD 2.0
-East West Symphonic Silver
-East West Voices of Passion
-Arturia Analog Factory
-Reason 4.0
-Spectrasonics Omnisphere
-Spectrasonics Stylus
-All Stylus Expansion packs
-Alicia’s Keys
-Native Instruments Maschine
-IK Multimedia Sampletron
-Steven Slate SSD with CLA Expansion
-Valhalla Reverb (All Plugins)

Apple Quad 2.66 with 20GB RAM
Dual Apple 20” cenema displays
Protools HD 3
24ch Lynx Aurora A/D/A
2ch Mytek 192 Mastering A/D
2ch Mytek Mastering Meter
Mackie HR-624 with Sub
Alternate set of HiFi reference speakers

Apple Mac Book Pro
Protools LE
Digi 002
M-Box 2


-1979 Silverburst Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop
-James Tyler Classic Strat
-Fender Custom Shop 64′ Tele
-Custom Built Warmoth Tele
-Custom Built Jazzmaster (Waddell Custom Relic)
-Taylor 615 custom shop
-Fender American Deluxe 4 String Jazz Bass
-Marshall Handwired 2061x
-Fender Tweed Blues Jr
-Jackson Ampworks Britain 84 2.0 -1×12 Jackson cab with Alnico Gold
-2×12 Marshall with G12H
-CME 88key weighted midi controller
-Arturia midi controller
-M-Audio Radium midi controller

-1963 Slingerland Drum Kit

-63′ Slingerland Steel Snare 14×5
-63′ Slingerland 14×5.5
-70′ Slingerland 14×10

-Tama Iron Cobra Double Kick and High Hat Stand
-Various hardware and cymbals